Raising Autism awareness one book at a time!


Raising Autism awareness one book at a time!

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The Adventures of Superhero Dan is a book series about an autistic superhero, based on Rachael Williams own journey with her children who too have Autism, The adventures of Superhero Dan brings you a unique Superhero Sensory shop promoting fun, enjoyable, suitable early intervention aids that are loved by children of all ages! 

Here at Superhero Dan we believe introducing simple things can have a huge impact on a child's development which detrimental to their lives! 

'Play is the work of a child' - Maria Montessori 

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Perfectly Planned Chaos

The first ever episode! Highlighting 5 cost effective ways of introducing intervention with your own little humans these small inputs won't even cost you a penny. 

No need for anything big or fancy, just love, patience and determination! 


Promoting safe play for children of all ages

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Bringing families together

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Encouraging children to explore their imaginations appropriately 

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Superhero Dan



"A simple book that speaks volumes" -Sarbjit, Mother

"A great book with so much soul & Love"- Chris Jarvis, Cebeebies 

"A brightly colored rhyming book that can be read in comfort"- Anna Kennedy OBE

Superhero Dan


Dan is on the Autistic Spectrum which is a developmental delay that affects how he communicates and relates to the world around him, but this doesn't stop Dan from loving life and that is why he is a  Superhero! So are you ready to join Dan on his mini adventures?

School readings


Would you like me to come to your school to read and talk about the book? I'd love to! 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can arrange a date and talk all things Autism!

Top picks


The car stickers are everything for me right now. Totally my number one top pick, my children are my everything and if this could help in a stressful situation then I am all for it!

Sensory lap pads are brilliant for hours of fun, Any theme and any color, why not personalize it!

Sensory lap pads! Huge, huge, HUGE hit! I can see why they are so appealing, they come in any color, any theme, even personalized with family pictures inside! If you don't see what you are after then just drop us a message! 


Sequin snakes are the most fabulous little things ever,  you  simply brush the sequins back and forth and they change color! 


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The Adventures of Superhero Dan