Raising Autism awareness one book at a time!

the warmest welcome from the author


Firstly thank you for being here, my name is Rachael Williams and it is a pleasure to meet you! The Adventures of Superhero Dan is inspired my my two gorgeous boys Christopher and Jacob who are also on the Autistic spectrum. I don't want my children to grow up and say "when we where children I didn't read books with people like me in them" - Now is the time to change that! 


Autism affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and millions world wide yet people still seem to know so little about something that is round us more than what we realize. Despite my husband and I looking on the positive side of life it is hard, but when you are given lemons they say make lemonade.  Rome was not built in one day and our journey of intervention surrounding our children has also been years in the making and still on going! It is not the journey we planned for our children, but we sure do love our tour guides.


I have and do dedicate my life to ensure that my children as well as others are able to benefit from early intervention, in our superhero shop everything is handmade and everything that we provide I have used with my own children, i want to pass on my knowledge and strategies to help you because you are no alone, you do not have to be alone, we can do this together.