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personally I feel like when my children grow up old enough to understand I need to be able to tell them I didn’t stay silent.

Are you someone that is going through the diagnosis process and having a really hard time of it? Is it just me who also feels like everything is just a constant battle? I’m a lucky person who has a small close knit circle, mainly of friends who are in the same boat and family so everything is pretty easy and simple on the front, but when it comes to my kids, man I feel like a need a shield of amour, do you?

I’m not saying it’s my kids either (granted they are hard work in their own right, just as children generally are anyway) but when it comes to getting our children help do you feel like you need to walk the plank over the sea just to prove your worth? You have to jump through so many hoops for several months (years in some cases) just for health professionals to eventually say “right this is the problem and this is what we are going to do”; well butter my bottom and call me biscuit, is that not what we initially said at the very first appointment, what?- 18months ago? Not let me guess your going to take all the credit and we are supposed to nod and agree with everything you’ve said like we did say this the first time round?

Not to be negative here, because I do try and keep everything in a positive state but at the end of the day sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade and keep the train moving. If you have a bad experience with a health professional is it wrong to request a new one? No I don’t think it is. I fact it’s something I’m going through to process of doing myself, if I feel like I’m not being listened to or respected what else are you left to do? You are well within your right to do so. I think taking a stand for your child or the person in your care is absolutely the right thing to do, you are the voice of the voiceless and for me personally I feel like when I children grow up old enough to understand I need to be able to tell them I didn’t stay silent.

Surely anyone whether a health professional or not can understand that right? I mean why would you stay silent if your child is suffering? You wouldn’t. Don’t feel scared to speak up. Don’t feel worried about what might happen if you say ‘actually you know what, you may be the professional here but this isn’t working’ whether it be doctor, teacher, speech and language therapist, occupational-therapist and so on. They are the professional in their chosen field but you are the professionals hen it comes to your child; you couldn’t present a dr with a child, stay mute and expect them to know what’s wrong, it’s obscured! They need to listen to you, and they need to work with us, end of story; and If that’s not the case and you feel they are working against you, speak up, and keep the train moving!


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