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Funding cuts & face masks

So this week I have heard about the article about money being taken from mainstream schools to fund sen children. I briefly read the story but, Having children in both a mainstream and a sen school both with additional needs I am not convinced any money should be taken from either. Both are struggling having cuts and it's only the children that are being affected and what for??

It's crazy how people have the control to take from either to give to the other. Dont the majority of children start of in a mainstream school? Don't they need to have the help and support there to get an ehcp to get the help to go to a sen school where they need to be.

If the money is taken from a mainstream school how is that going to benefit anybody when many sen children in mainstream are going without the help, support and acknowledgement because funding isn't there anymore. Parent's who are desperate for that help for their children are being made to feel like their child doesnt meet the new criteria schools have set out. To make it harder to receive the funding for 1-1, equipment they need and without things in place how do they get enough proof for a ehcp?

Aren't these sen children loosing out? Do they not matter?

Then when children finally get through the tough process and fight the system and get to a sen school even then where is this money going. If you look in your area how many mainstream schools are around compared to how many sen schools. Let me tell you near me we have 12 mainstream primary schools in a 4 mile radius we have only recently in the past 7 years got our first sen school. Kids are on the waiting list for years before they can get in.

Many more children are being diagnosed so why isn't this money going towards more sen schools to meet the demands? Why are parents having to travel 40 miles a day to get their child to school. School transport is even being cut for sen children. I just think cuts are being taken from the wrong places especially when it comes to education and health.

Anyway I think I need to go fill up my large gin tumbler glass, run a red hot bath with my favourite bath bomb, facemask and relax. Half term has started so taking that time out for self care even for half an hour every so often is so important. Why don't you take half an hour out and have a quick glance at our shop for your treats you wont want to miss out ❤

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