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No rest for the wicked.. I means parents!

Happy Monday to everyone, Is it a happy Monday? I know we sometimes dread Monday, some people are super optimistic and see it as a start to another week of new opportunities but you know I'm not the kind of person who minces my words so I'll start off with how rubbish mine has been! 

I went to see my dentist who just so happens to be a lovely wonderful man who I now consider a friend, a friend whom I speak to on a regular basis, as a matter of fact the day I was treated so appallingly by Jacob's paediatrician he was the first of many to offer a ear of support, for that I am forever grateful. The journey was just horrific, I had been suffering from ear pain since Saturday (it's now Monday) and I honestly just put it down to the fact I sleep on my left side, come Sunday I recall telling my husband that this pain was not 'normal', I put myself to bed and woke up at 11pm and something went 'pop', after that all I know is that I cannot hear anything out of my left ear and to be quite honest with you it has scared me a little bit. It has knocked me off balance, the headaches are awful and it is just making me miserable. It turns out I have an ear infection and a perforated ear drum, however we have to get rid of this ear infection before we can even look at this ear drum- nothing is ever a quick fix is it?! 

But as you probably all well know by now I'm a mother, but not just a mother , I am a mother to three children, two of whom are on the Autism Spectrum, one who's ADHD needs managing but isn't currently being managed as he is waiting to see a consultant regarding the right kind of medication but that is another story and lastly we have our youngest son who is 18 months old so I can't be sick, I can't clock out, I need to be here and be okay and I need to be present for my kids.

I do love my kids, more than anything in this world, they are my pride, my joy, my reason to get out of bed of a morning my everything! But guys, isn't it hard? I remember when my husband was sick he stayed in bed until he was better and I often wonder why that is never the case for us mums too? My husband Craig is amazing, to say he is a hands on dad would not even come close to accurately describe what he means to me and the kids but he too deserves some down time also, especially before he is due to go back to work, so how do you find the balance?

Honestly speaking until I became a mother I didn't realise that you literally sacrifice everything for these babies, who teaches you this kind of stuff? No one sits you down and says "Hey guess what, you'll never be able to be sick again or Make the most of your full nights sleep whilst you can because once them babies are here you are screwed" But when you have a child(ren) No one tells you or pre warns you that you LEGITIMATELY under no circumstances can not get ill or go man down or that you will need to run a house hold like its a military operation as though your country depended on it- I take that back actually, because my children do depend on a house hold that it regimented with structure and routine! Haha. 

So, to all those mummies and daddies out there who are feeling sick and poorly but are soldiering on because you have little humans who depend on you to keep them alive, be a little kinder to yourself, If that means that you switch the living room light off and go to bed instead of tidying the toys away then do that, our kids need us to be healthy and well rested and it will still be there in the morning (just don't forget they are there and step on them bare foot- the pain is worse than my left ear and you are partial to shouting a naughty word in front of your kids who'll probably go and repeat it in school- as long as they're talking though hey? Every cloud and all?... I'll stop) but seriously, don't stress about the home cooked meals, frozen nuggets or a pizza will do, just try and get something down you too, and as much as some gin probably sounds appealing get some H20 down you instead! Replenish yourself and if you need a cuddle I bet some tiny humans would love the job. 

Moral of me waffling on, it's okay to feel down and ill, we are not robots, and as much as we like to thing we are superhuman, we are just not. It's hard, it's pretty crap sometimes, but maybe it's our bodies way of telling us slow down and look after us for a change. 

Much love, 

Rach. X

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