Raising Autism awareness one book at a time!

Get in touch/signs of autism


'Whats new this week'

Do you want to feature on whats new this week and tell everyone what is new. Then please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can share with the world.

school visits

Would you like me to attend a school assembly or class and read The adventures of superhero Dan? I'd love too! Please get in touch and we can discuss how to proceed futher. 

feedback and suggestions

Are you happy or unhappy with the book or shop products? Do you have any suggestions that would like us to hear about?  

Concerned parent/care giver?

If you have any concerns about a loved on who is showing signs of autism please do not panic, as daunting as it seems i promise that you are now alone. Whilst over 650,000 individuals in the UK are diagnosed with Autism for parents and care givers it can make you feel quite isolated! Please if you feel like you are alone or want to talk, get in touch. We'll get through it together.