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Autistic spectrum

What is autism exactly?

The Autistic spectrum can sometimes be a difficult subject to try and explain to someone, you hear so many different things like 'ADD, ADHD, PDA, OCD, SPD, aspergers, autism, high functioning autism' etc, but what exactly does it all mean? 

Autism is a complex condition, according to the national autistic society it is a "disability that effects how the individual see's the world around them" 

In a nutshell a person who has Autism has a complex disability because their brain has developed different to ours, in no way shape or form does this mean they are inadequate to us. 

Individuals with autism may have speech problems, or even have trouble understanding the world around them, they may not understand the running out onto a busy road is dangerous. Loud noises and busy settings may be too much to them to handle, as well as bright lights many individuals struggle with bright lights and change, meaning that things such as change routine, familiar foods or even new faces can cause a meltdown. people with Autism may flap, clap or move their body in a way that is unusual to us but this is extremely common with people who are Autistic. Some can struggle with concentrating and seem hyperactive, some may not be able to make eye contact, Some people on the spectrum may even have a need to do things in a particular way all the time in order to cope and that is okay. 

Some people may struggle more and some people may struggle less, but the earlier intervention is introduced the better.